2016 Chevy El Camino SS Specs and Price

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Another one of those iconic nameplates one can’t find gracing our roads anymore; El Camino was an oddball then, and it would have been an oddball now. However, stories about 2016 Chevy El Camino SS aren’t meaningless speculations.

Actually, they are, but coupe ute might make an appearance later on as lightweight Alpha platform from new Camaro certainly looks like something that could underpin the ute.

2016 Chevy El Camino SS Specs and Price3

Engine of Chevy El Camino SS 2016

So, if 2016 Chevy El Camino would hypothetically make an appearance, what kind of powertrain would have powered it?

It would probably have something to do with Camaro itself. 3.6L V-6 mill which produces 323 hp and 278 lb-ft of torque would certainly be enough for light towing, and 6-speed automatic transmission would have been a perfect fit as well. Traditional rear-wheel drive layout would certainly remain unchanged too.

2016 Chevy El Camino SS Design

Design cues can’t be pinpointed at this point. El Camino certainly won’t happen overnight and it seems that GM is gauging people’s opinion given the fact that some renderings are already circulating the web.

2016 Chevy El Camino SS Specs and Price6

When it happens, it will certainly borrow some cues from pony Camaro, but overall, this will be entirely different car. It remains to be seen what kind of design language will Chevy choose in a few years as El Camino might arrive then.

Chevy El Camino SS Interior

Same can be said about 2016 Chevy El Camino SS‘ interior arrangements. First of all, we’ll have to see the next-gen design language on Chevrolet’s part, and then we’ll be able to give you more info.

For now, we can only say that both cloth and leather upholstery are certain to make an appearance and that feature list will likely be similar to that of multiple times mentioned Camaro.

We would, however, like to see the dash layout as it would be interesting to see how bow tie brand manages to combine sporty and utility lines.

2016 Chevy El Camino SS Specs and Price2

Fuel efficiency is a problem for many pickup trucks, if not all. Only some compacts are starting to exhibit better figures, and Chevy has one of them; Colorado.

New Colorado will feature a turbo diesel engine which is responsible for fuel efficiency, and if 2016 Chevy El Camino SS comes with one of these as well, it would certainly be justified.

If not, expect similar 20 to 22 mpg combined which Camaro returns.

Price for 2016 Chevy El Camino

Finally, El Camino’s price tag is another abstract category. Coupe ute hadn’t featured since 1987 and dollar has lost quite a hefty percentage of its value since then. Being a new addition to bow tie brand’s portfolio, El Camino probably wouldn’t be available for less than $25,000. Upper price, however, is anyone’s guess.

2016 Chevy El Camino SS is a fable without a happy end. Whether El Camino rendering pictures that flow around are just a prank or GM’s probe, remains to be seen. If GM is actually trying to get a feel of the general population, we can send them our message straightaway.

El Camino is an icon which deserves another shot – period. It might be hard for it to find potential owners due to revived compact pickup truck market, but with careful marketing strategy (read nostalgic), anything is possible.

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