2016 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Price

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Can you recall what car you wanted to have when you were a kid? I can bet at least half of you answered Pontiac Firebird. This car has become legendary and since its debut in 1967 it has passed the long way. 2016 model looks way different than the original Pontiac Trans Am but it would not have been so popular if company hadn’t made some drastic makeovers. 2016 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am takes after Chevrolet Camaro and some people can’t distinguish these two.

However, there are some huge differences and the biggest one is under the hood. Even though 2015 model has debuted recently some info and speculations of the new model have already appeared. We tried to gather some of those articles into a one single review and try to present the upcoming 2016 Pontiac Firebird. Perhaps, it won’t come soon but we hope you will enjoy reading about it.

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2016 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Engine

We will start with the engine since it is the major difference when you compare it to Camaro. As a matter of fact, new Firebird will come with two different engine units. The least powerful (but still above the average) is the 3.6l six-cylinder with an ability to produce 270 pound-feet of torque and 305 horsepower.

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On the other hand there is the 6.2l eight-cylinder that can deliver 385 pound-feet of torque and 420 horsepower. Both engines can reach 155 mph but the main difference is in the acceleration. The second one is faster and it can go from 0 to 60 mph in almost 4 seconds. Six-speed automatic gearbox is the only transmission option.

One of the flaws of the new 2016 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is the fuel efficiency. It could have been better, because it is rated to 31 mpg on highway and only 15 mpg in a city.

2016 Pontiac Firebird Interior and Exterior

There are plenty of refreshments, especially when it comes to exterior. Front bumper has been replaced as well as headlights. Grille is a little bit modified and fog lights are replaced with the new ones. Rear part has also been changed but it takes after some older versions of Pontiac Firebird.

2016 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Price2

One of the new things is taillights which are rounded. The biggest similarity between Camaro and 2016 Pontiac Firebird is in terms of the interior. It is practically the same with only few exceptions. The most notable difference is the steering wheel. Whole standard equipment is there: heated seats, great audio system, voice commands, etc.

Interior is quite spacious and it offers convenient ride for every passenger. If you can’t make up your mind which car is better, Firebird or Camaro, you better compare what is hiding under the hood, because there are no many differences in terms of the design.

Release date and Price of 2016 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

There are some speculations new Firebird will hit the market by the end of 2015, but honestly we don’t believe that is possible since 2015 model was released this year. It is most likely that launching will happen sometime in 2016 and it would cost approximately $22,000. Of course, you may spend few dollars more if you want the better engine.

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