2017 Alfa Romeo Giorgio Release date and Price

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The Fiat-Chrysler is in need of revival, and the 2017 Alfa Romeo might be just the thing to make it happen. The mid-size Sedan in question here is dubbed ‘Giorgio’. With things going the way they are, FCA is going to need an ace up its sleeve, and rear-wheel drive might be what they are gunning for. This technology is still being developed and tested by the R&D, so it remains to be seen if the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giorgio will feature it.

Release Date of Alfa Romeo Giorgio

Having been presented to the public last Summer, the main production will begin in 2016 and the first cars should find their way to showrooms soon after that. So, the release date is in 2016.

2017 Alfa Romeo Giorgio Release date and Price1

2017 Alfa Romeo Giorgio Price

The price will depend on a lot of factors, although the base model should go for about $40,000. Naturally, higher trims and additional equipment will rise this number considerably.

Alfa Romeo Giorgio Exterior

The exterior of the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giorgio strongly resembles that of a BMW, with strong yet elegant form and the distinctive Alfa Romeo badge may become their main distinctive feature.

The new Giorgio looks aggressive, and rear-wheel drive should only point it out even further, especially when you look how far from the door the front wheels are on this thing.

2017 Alfa Romeo Giorgio Release date and Price4

It does not feature chrome decorations, but with this slender, aerodynamic body, it doesn’t need them anyway. Bear in mind that this is a redesigned model, one that is meant to revitalize a faltering giant.

The modern platform is just a stepping stone on the road to greatness. The wheels are more stylish than ever, with 19 inch wheels and high quality Pirelli tires.

Interior of Alfa Romeo Giorgio

The inside of the new 2017 Alfa Romeo Giorgio is still a mystery, but it will most likely depend on the trim and the additional equipment you go for. The indoor space seems a bit cramped, especially in the rear, but that comes from someone who hasn’t been inside of this car yet.

2017 Alfa Romeo Giorgio Release date and Price2

The leather upholstery seems standard, although its quality and amount will probably depend on the owner’s personal taste and financial state. A new infotainment system with a touch screen, a navigation system and a bunch of other features are sure to follow.

Alfa Romeo Giorgio 2017 Engine

Under the hood of the new 2016 Alfa Romeo Giorgio lies a beast – either a turbocharged 2.0 l inline-4, with 276 hp. Or you could opt for a 3.0 l V-6, with 505 hp and 443 lf-ft of torque. Plus an undisclosed number of diesel engines, all with an automatic transmission, or more likely, a six-speed manual and a carbon fiber driveshaft.

2017 Alfa Romeo Giorgio Release date and Price3

Some engines will feature a dual-clutch automatic. Between high speed – 2016 Alfa Romeo Giorgio is expected to reach 60 mph in under 4 seconds, before maxing out at 191 mph – and excellent balance, this car is going to be one of the top performers and might just make history, if it helps the FCA fulfill its plans and return them to old glory.


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