2017 Dodge Rampage Concept Price

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2017 Dodge Rampage used to be a 2-door car-like truck, marketed during early eighties. It only lasted for couple of years and was subsequently discontinued. There was an attempt to revitalize the car back in 2006 when the maker unveiled a concept with the same name at New York Auto Show, but nothing happened.

Dodge Rampage 2017 Concept

Now, 2017 Dodge Rampage sounds unrealistic, even though Fiat produces some front-wheel drive compact trucks of their own, and we know that Fiat is giving their best to make it in the states.

It should be a Dodge Dakota replacement, but it is still unclear whether it will stay under the same badge, or will it shift to Ram nameplate.

2017 Dodge Rampage Concept Price


In any case, what seems to be its powertrain, apart from front-wheel drive configuration, are couple of 4-cylinder iterations. Smaller 1.6L turbo four and larger, naturally aspirated 2.4L engine should do the trick for a subcompact pickup. 6-speed manual should be offered from the get-go, while new 9-speed automatic could also find its spot in new, fuel-efficient ute.

2017 Dodge Rampage Concept Price2

There’s still not a lot of info that could lead us to assume how it could look like. Still, 2017 Dodge Rampage (or Ram Rampage) should be a combination of Fiat Strada and one of American pickups. It might even be Ram 1500 if former Dodge’s division is to be chosen. Whatever happens, don’t expect a heavy hauler, but low rider with short bed behind its small cabin.


Interior eludes us as well, naturally. Fact that there’s still no relevant info on these two important categories only further fortifies our suspicions that 2017 is still quite early for new ute to arrive. When it does, however, don’t expect any kind of luxury or comfort.

2017 Dodge Rampage Concept Price6

Of course, 2017 Dodge Rampage won’t be as uncomfortable as wild west wagons, but it shouldn’t offer that much room in order to be as comfortable as it could be. It also won’t offer anything but cloth-trimmed seats, door panels and plastic dash.

It might, however, offer a small LCD display, but navigation and more advanced tech will be highly restricted to top grade. Safety features shouldn’t be that advanced too. In fact, they rarely are even in top tier full-size trucks. In this light, don’t expect anything but basic, mandatory equipment.

2017 Dodge Rampage Concept Price4

2017 Dodge Rampage will be solid in terms of fuel economy. At least this is the category where it excels. There are still no any EPA numbers, but smaller turbo four could be able to deliver around 30 mpg combined if properly utilized.

2017 Dodge Rampage Price

Prices are another mystery when it comes to Dodge’s future subcompact pickup. They will most likely start from less than $20,000 while steadily working their way towards $25,000 mark.

2017 Dodge Rampage Concept Price5

2017 Dodge Rampage might be a hit, or it might slide into obscurity a few years after its arrival. It gives the people that don’t really need high towing figures additional, more efficient option than mid-size pickups.

This could be a plus, but mentioned mid-size pickup market is slowly waking up and becoming interesting. That could be the problem as potential buyers might go for slightly larger trucks, just in case.

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