2017 Honda Pilot Release date and Price

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2017 Honda Pilot would be a perfect asset for all those who are looking for a very modern and elegant SUV which would provide a lot of comfort and engine stability in addition to great equipment package and safety options.

2017 Honda Pilot Release Date

We are still left with the expectation of the first public appearance an official presentation of 2017 Honda Pilot to the public. There are some information that this may happen during the final four months of 2015.

2016 Honda Pilot

Furthermore, there are some additional speculations about the release date for sales which is predicted to be somewhere during the beginning of 2016.

Honda Pilot 2017 Price

The fact that we are talking about the model which has not been presented and for which we do not have any precise date regarding the commencement of sales leads us to the conclusion that we do not know the specific price for 2017 Honda Pilot.

Nevertheless, there are some calculations which predict that the base price of this SUV would be about $30 000.

2017 Honda Pilot Release date and Price

Exterior of Honda Pilot 2017

The exterior design of 2017 Honda Pilot would be very modern and somewhat futuristic since it would have very aerodynamic and aesthetically pleasing lines, and there would be also the usage of LED headlights and taillights.

Furthermore, the vehicle itself is predicted to have four doors and a trunk door.

Honda Pilot Interior

The interior would be very carefully designed with the usage of top quality leather and wood materials for seats and upholstery.

2017 Honda Pilot Release date and Price2

There would be a lot of modern accessories, such as satellite navigation, USB and Bluetooth connectivity. In addition to this, this SUV would be made to be extremely safe and this is the reason why there would be adaptive cruise control.

Engine and Transmission of 2017 Honda Pilot

The engine option that the manufacturer would put under the hood of 2017 Honda Pilot would certainly be a very powerful, yet reliable, one.

It is believed that the manufacturer would use a 3.5 liter engine for this SUV and that this would also be a V6 engine which would be able to produce about 290 horsepower and to use about 270 lb-ft of torque.

2017 Honda Pilot Release date and Price1

Furthermore, since we are talking about an SUV which is predicted to overcome terrain and weather obstacles, it is believed that the manufacturer would also enable it with the four-wheel driving system.

Moreover, the indication is that the manufacturer would also pair this engine with the automatic transmission which would have six speeds.

If a potential buyer chooses only the front-wheel driving system, there is a possibility that this would be paired with the CV transmission with six speeds.

The manufacturer also improved fuel economy, and this is the reason why it is believed that this SUV would spend 18 mpg in city and 25 mpg on highway.

We are only left to see what would be specific packages and engine options of 2017 Honda Pilot in order to determine which ones would be the perfect combination of price and specifications, but this would need to wait a couple of months more.

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